Saturday, June 12, 2010

So some asshole starts picking on me

On the internet of all places.

Using that as a way to hide.


With so many assholes like him

existing, is it really that strange to

hate most people?

And I really wanted to tell him

how he looks like a tall, Spanish

Dracula reject

and how the difference between him

and every other vampire

is that they suck blood,

not dick.

Unfortunately though

the original poster was trying hard to

break up the fight before it got worse

so I held back out of respect.

So I used his name as a character

that dies in one of my scripts

and the main character shows

absolutely no remorse

and informs his friend that

the same dude's girlfriend

is now "up for auction."

Sometimes, I like being a fucked up asshole.


Narco said...

Neat new layout.

Nice new poem.

Nuclear new art.

Chigurh said...



And thanks.