Friday, June 18, 2010

Instigatorzine Spot Illustration and the Makeshift Light Box

a spot illustration i did for a poem in the upcoming issue of instigatorzine.

this is probably the first time i ever utilized the time i was given to do a project properly rather than waiting for the last minute.

starting from the bottom picture going up, the first two pics are just preliminaries.

i like sketching on photoshop first before drawing with pencil and finishing in photoshop. it's like i work backwards only to propel myself forward.

had to figure out how to trace over the sketch without having to press the white paper HARD on top the taped up pile of tracing paper thinking that i'm tracing only to realized i just drew a bunch of imagined or misplaced lines.

i didn't want to have to ride the bus to njcu just to use a light box so i made my own using a plastic lid from a chinese food container and a mini flashlight that i got from an njcu open house. i had to force it to stay on by taping the button down.

it worked.

after penciling, i digitized.

i simplified the wedding couple not because i was lazy, but because i wanted to deliver this idea that the love shared with a (happily) married couple in that one apartment created an energy that remained there even after they left. before the home got demolished. it doesn't matter what kind of people or who exactly were living there, which is why they look so ghost-like. instead, i just wanted to let the viewer know that people once lived in that demolished property that there IS significance in the things that get thrown away.

i couldn't decide what color i wanted the people so i made two variations.

the end.

epilogue: i'm kinda proud of this piece because this is the first illustration i actually started and finished in soooooo long.........



Narco said...

LOL @home-made lightbox. Lightboxes tend to go for $150 or less. A good, not-annoying sized one. Invest!

I got mine second-hand from Keith Chiappone's sister, though I bought it from Keith. He was selling her stuff. I bought it for $30.

Chigurh said...

wow. sweet deal.

yeah i've been wanting to get one for the longest but never had the money.

but that shouldn't be a problem now since i'm working.

yays :D