Monday, January 12, 2009

the watchmen page 1 bastardized

ok well today i started drawing my picture for this winter break. i laid down some lines just to get everything into place. then i started to get into detail. i sorta went through a depression phase today. i was trying to draw it and it wasn't coming out as good as i wanted it so i started to feel like i will never make it in life. the one thing that i'm good at other than coming up with a billion and a half ideas is drawing and i'm not even that good at that. then i began to overthink and actually believed i would fail at every aspect of life if i don't get myself together. no skill, no career, no fame, no woman and no respect. so to make myself feel better i watched burn after reading, laughed, and went back to the drawing. still gotta work it. the pic is a lil too big for my scanner so i'll either scan it on wednesday when i go to campus to help dittrich or i'll just take a photo of it. oh and this what u see here is just my edit of the first page of the watchmen. i'll stop typing now because i've made yet another wall of text and my dog is resting his head on my leg, crying and begging me to walk him. hope you guys enjoy it!

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The Demopublican said...

Practice. If you've ever played an instrument, you will notice at first you cant even strum, then one day you have all that mastered, and can strum chords, and even conquered the chords formations which were tough, and didn't even notice it. They say if you throw a toad into a pan of boiling water, he will jump out. But if you put him in cold water and turn up the heat, he will boil to death. You don't always notice the accomplishments you're making.