Saturday, January 3, 2009

so i was given access to draw ball 1.

draw ball 2 is left open for the public. but draw ball 1 is for ppl that the moderator thinks is good enough to draw on. so i guess i'm good enough. all i had to do was draw something and if the moderator likes it then i'm good to go. but odd things happened while i was drawing. what i was drawing was the backside of one of my female references. and as i was drawing, i noticed red lines appearing on the right cheek. eventually those red lines went on to form lips. i drew a question mark next to it and the lips were erased. so i get rid of the question mark and continue drawing. things were normal until my background colors disappeared. i wondered if i was allowed to draw on draw ball 1 so i wrote "am i in?" but i didn't get a reply from any moderators. so i kept drawing thinking maybe there was a glitch that got rid of my background. then suddenly a good heap of skin tones disappeared from my figure. i wrote another question thinking it was the moderators but still no reply. so i shut down that window because i gave up on the drawing and tested out draw ball 1. and waddya know i'm allowed to draw on it. but i was so worn out from the other drawing that i didn't have it in me to make another one as good as that one. so i did a really bad line drawing, wrote "meh" and left the site.

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brittany said...

Wow the same thing just happened to me. Although I don't know if I have access yet. But I spent hours on it and then all of my large areas of solid colors disappeared and a detailed sketching of a man as well. Definitely not risking losing hard work on the internet anymore.