Friday, January 2, 2009


it is really hard to get anything done when i'm constantly being distracted. people always bug me to do things that are completely irrelevent to what i want to do. one day i'll decide to put everything aside and focus on drawing but unfortunately i'll be told to do practically a list of chores that would eventually wear me out and by the end of the day, i'll be struggling to work up the energy to at least pick up a pencil. i think one of my resolutions this year should be to take a stand. that way i wouldn't feel so pressured.
anyways, i think the first two drawings are self explanatory, as bad as the first one is, and the bottom one is a rough draft of my big project. i'll have to move a few things around in the preliminary and final piece. i'm thinking i should color it with either gouache or watercolor or both and then try my hands with digital. before digitally rendering it though, with the traditional medium, i want it to look finished enough to work as a piece of its own. for references, if i can't find stuff online, i'll ask my friends to strike a pose or five. i paid a lot of attention to the composition. i wanted to not only make the piece work with the placement of the objects but also with transitions of color (you can't see the color yet because it's all in my head!!!!!) as well as trying guiding the eyes throughout the page and keeping the viewer's attention inside the piece rather than leading the viewer from one end to another and then showing him or her the way out. or even worse, getting the viewer's attention on one thing and not moving at all. and one worry that i have is the size that i want for the pic and the size of my scanner. when i do more sketches, i'll explain myself some more because not only will you understand what i want better but also, i don't want you to suffer anymore with this wall of text. lemme know your opinions please!

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Chigurh said...

if anyone was wondering, i did the plant and rough sketch in graphite pencil and the bullets in black crayon.