Monday, August 17, 2009

more breaking and entering thumbs

some thumbs for the pic i picked. when i think of some of them, i see them as a scenario from a beavis and butthead episode. my faves are 2 and 3. but i think 2 has more of an impact so i'll stick with it. number 7 i might do another time and make an actual birthday card out of it. it'll read, "droppin' by to wish you a happy birthday!"


Anonymous said...

If you're shooting for 2, try making the leg more like a leg when you're making your rough.

I like the play with these thumbs. The last few panels I feel they could be already telling a story (or part of a series).

Can't wait to see some comps comin along.


Chigurh said...

they're coming. you did say i have till the 11th for sketches.


Chigurh said...

correction: 21st. not 11th. was hit with slight retardation a second there.


Anonymous said...

you have til the 21st for actual roughs, Works in like a basis of one illustration done. Then the last day of Aug is when your Illustration is due.