Monday, August 31, 2009

breaking and entering

ok, so since it's pretty much the end of summer vacation, and since kells says my final drawing can be in black and white, i'm going make this line drawing my final. i worked on it a little more since the one i posted yesterday looked flat. i thickened the lines in the foreground and added damage to the wall on the left. as an attempt, i also started laying down some flat colors. i'll keep at it. i hope everyone had a nice summer. disney bought marvel comics today. i failed the assignment didn't i?


Elias Jimenez said...

What the bloody f*&% do you mean your line drawing is the final?!

The one with flat colors is looking great! F*&%ing finish it!

Anonymous said...

Cause I know its you, and I know your work ethic, you definitely cleaned up your lines. (which is hard for me)

I like the overall composition. The renderings of the sneaker, toilet, mad, and perspective is nice. Very smart on putting the cracks beside mad so it'll be our focal point.

I still think the drawing is strong enough to hold on its own. It still feels like it needs more since there isn't as much detail on the walls.. so we can't really differentiate. But there is some dimension going on.

Though I said black and white, you could try putting some tones or putting more shadows in some areas.

But that's on the b/w drawing. I think its a good piece of linework.

For the color one, you should finish it. This is actually a really REALLY good start cause the tiles really help out showing perspective = dynamic.

How bout you color this and hand it in at the end of September?

Overall - A- ( Color it and it'll be an A++)


Elias Jimenez said...

Kell, you're way too easy a grader.

I'd say if you at least add the b&w tones like she said to your line work then it'd get a high grade. as it stands, the lines are good, but that's just a regular drawing/sketch, the the preliminary stuff.

I love the tiles and the overall color you started in the colored one, if you finish that then yea, def. an a+

If you want to keep the colors flat like that, I'd recommend you take it into illustrator and work with it. Maybe change the thickness of some of the lines, but only in certain places, since I'm really digging how organic a lot of your lines are looking. Reminds me a bit of Quitely's stuff.

Narco said...

I think it looks better now, but I feel it's too tight. I don't know if that's possible.

Anyway, I can't believe you gave Mad a thong.