Saturday, December 20, 2008

winter sessions

well this is a really rough sketch of an idea i have for a project that deals with change. i've always used to say that i wanted to take a shovel and dig out the dirt that's in my head. well similar idea but instead it's a guy pulling out dried up roots from his insides. dried up dirt will spill out from his insides, that is if i decide to make a finish for it. this is just one idea. i realized that change doesn't always have to seem bitter and negative so next time i'll sketch something that looks happier and easier on the eyes. if it looks really bad, that's cause i drew it in my bros suv while on a trip to my aunt's home for dinner today. anywho, lemme know yer feelings.


Chigurh said...

(face palm) my god this is sloppy.

Anonymous said...

that's why its called a sketch. When you post try making sort of rendered drawings. But I like the reminds me of the whole ' metamorphasis' perspective. But keep cranking it out.

By the way, you're gonna start on your some studies?

Keep it crankin!


Word verification is funny. I thought it read " udders" than " unters"


Chigurh said...

yeah word verification is wierd.

and yeah i will start up on the studies. just need something to actually study.

thanks for the tip. next time i'll do sketches on bigger sheets of paper just so i can fit in more detail and actual tones rather than a big blob of grey.

gone crankin!