Saturday, December 27, 2008

big project ideas (need help u guys!)

sorry that the sides got cut off. page was too big for the scanner. or the scanner was too small for the page? anyways, made a list of ideas. combining some of these ideas on the list makes it easier for me to work. but don't know what to do. combined happiness with free time, love with astonishment, love with zombies, loss of innocence with abuse and bullies, and alienation with zombies. thinking about involving my own created characters in the pieces. the pic on the bottom is a scene from a comic book i wanna make. the main character is a preteen boy who was born as half zombie-half human. this is a scene from the comic where he's being bullied at school by a bunch of normal humans. i wanted to get this point across that humans can be just as monsterous as a zombie. i guess the idea of change comes into play because the boy has never experienced this before because he spent all his years up to that point indoors. i'm thinking about the zombie and love combination. maybe make a one page comic that illustrates the zombies together re-enacting the lyrics to "by starlight" by the smashing pumpkins. if i did that, it'd look very gloomy and moody. and the picture above is of another one of my characters, laurie. thinking about using her in the happiness/free time combination. or maybe happiness/astonishment? it could show lots of movement. she's just as confused as i am. help me out guys. oh! and sorry for the wall of text.

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Anonymous said...

that is a wall of comment. Just to let you know that you got til 01-20-08 to finish it. You sure you can bang out an illustration in time?

once you get your idea down, try doing a few scribbling thumbs.

and Daily renderings? where did they go?

Word of the day: tymersi.

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