Thursday, March 12, 2009

upcoming works

my first post in a while. i gotta get on the ball. anyways, i've got quite a few things in the works.

right now i'm working on a self portrait for my painting fundamentals class. if it turns out as good as i want it to be, i might use it as a portfolio piece. if not, then at least it'll be a small step towards improvement.

later today, when i wake up, i'm going to my two best friend's house and ask them if they can strike a few poses. if they agree, i'll take snapshots and use the photographs as refs for my five page comic strip for my advanced illustration class. and, just like the self portrait, i'll use these as portfolio pieces if they turn out how i want them.

for my painting fundamentals class, i'm going to reproduce a james jean painting. since i'm gonna be very busy with the above mentioned projects, i'm going to paint a simpler painting of his rather than one of his usual epics. i'm going to attempt to reproduce the cover for issue 5 of Fables. it uses less colors and imagery than most of his other works.

there's a whole bunch of other stuff i gotta do but i'll save it for another time. this message is already long enough. don't worry i'll post some pictures. eventually. and no i didn't forget the character designs for storytime with uncle dd.

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